Mastering Scientific Computing with R

Mastering Scientific Computing with R

Employ professional quantitative methods to answer scientific questions with a powerful open source data analysis environment

Category: Data Analysis

作者: paul gerrard / radia johnson

年份: 2015

语言: English

格式: pdf

页数: 432

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Book Excerpt

With this book, you will learn not just about R, but how to use R to answer conceptual, scientific, and experimental questions.

Beginning with an overview of fundamental R concepts, you’ll learn how R can be used to achieve the most commonly needed scientific data analysis tasks: testing for statistically significant differences between groups and model relationships in data. You will delve into linear algebra and matrix operations with an emphasis not on the R syntax, but on how these operations can be used to address common computational or analytical needs. This book also covers the application of matrix operations for the purpose of finding structure in high-dimensional data using the principal component, exploratory factor, and confirmatory factor analysis in addition to structural equation modeling. You will also master methods for simulation and learn about an advanced analytical method.

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