Introducing Play Framework, 2nd Edition

Introducing Play Framework, 2nd Edition

分类: 编程技术

作者: Prem Kumar Karunakaran






Enter the world of rapid web application development. This gentle introduction to Play covers all you need to know: it carefully introduces the background concepts before diving into examples, making learning Play 2 enjoyable (it includes the latest Play framework version 2.8).

Introducing Play Framework is crisp, up-to-the-point, and full of valuable information. You will find chapters covering the basics of Play, the sbt build system, the Ebean ORM, web services using Play, production deployment, cache, and more with actual pragmatic code snippets for common tasks.

After reading and using this book, you’ll be able to build and deploy Java-based web applications with the Play framework.

What You Will Learn

    • Use the Play framework to do rapid Java-based web application development
    • Work with Play controllers and Play views
    • Create web services using JSON and XML
    • Persist data and access databases
    • Use Play modules

Carry out asynch programming

  • Cache, deploy, and work with code snippets in Play

Who This Book Is For

Those with at least some prior experience with Java.